Thanks for stopping by!  My name is Kevin Hengler, and I’m the owner of 49th St Photo.  Since 2009 this photography journey has been nothing short of amazing.  It's taken me abroad, I've shot with top level athletes, worked with outstanding businesses and people, and have learned from many other photographers that I hold in high regard.  I have an amazing wife, Trisha, of 12 years and the coolest little boy, Crosby, who is 8.  They are my biggest supporters, and I couldn't do all of this without them.  Photography is my passion and what I am here to do.  I just hope you want to come on that journey with me.        

I want every client to experience 3 things after we shoot together.

1st, is that any nerves they have coming into the session vanish once we start talking and I help guide them through the process.

2nd, is that you feel you learn some great tips that you can use for every photo you ever take going forward.  

3rd, is that it is actually a lot of fun, and the amazing pictures are worth every penny.


​My business relies on people like you to help spread the word about 49th St Photo.  If those 3 things are met, I can count on a great business for many years to come.  

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